This model has been proven to help eClubs decide on how best they can use the various “channels” of communication and manage their unique way to do Rotary.

Unlike a traditional land-based club an eCLub is able to embrace various technology effectively to move their club forward and give their members a pathway to engagement

Help Clubs Reach Their Full Potential

Now you have joined the Global Fellowship in a Digital World, you can benefit from networking, using resources, sharing innovative ideas and gain better understanding of Rotary eClubs contribution to the Rotary mission and purpose. You can connect, communicate and collaborate with others to bring about progress and change in Rotary the world over.




Global Fellowship in a Digital World
aka Rotarian eCLub Fellowship

Realise your members full potential.

Create a vibrant Rotary Club.

Engage your members fully.

Be part of the new Rotary experience.

Let’s Work Together
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