About Us

Our aim for the Fellowship is for the benefit of our members. Our plan is to restructure what we do and how we do it  ..

  1. rebuild our website for information and guidance
  2. expand our Fellowship to embrace all Rotary Clubs that use technology to advance their activities.
  3. change the name to eRotary Fellowship to reflect 2 above
  4. retain and build membership of the REFellowship
  5. enable the process to be easier to join by

a) create a new Board & terms of reference b) streamlining our places to engage with us c) create the opportunity for members to connect, collaborate and communicate effectively d) provide a platform for all members to share best practice & ideas using eRotary technologies to advance RC’s and members connections e) be the “go to” place for anything to do with E-Clubs, Nomads, Passport Clubs, eRotaract and any RC that used technology f) become a voice in RI / RIBI for eRotary matters and issues g) operate a community hub for the development of eRotary in any club in the world h) have a knowledge base for new technology and innovation that improves the effectiveness of eRotary In essence we will stand for the beacon of an effective E-Clubs, Passport, eRotaract networks and the eRotary agenda.